Border Speaking
[23. July: 20:00, Kobarid: KobariÅ¡ki Muzej ]
Kobariški muzej (SLO)

The Kobarid Museum was established in 1990 by a group of the locals with the purpose to stage a permanent exhibition in it of the history of the town and, above all, of the historical events that took place in the Upper Soča region during the First World War. The essential part of the museum exhibition presents the warfare in the mountain area of the Isonzo Front above the river Soča from May 1915 through October 1917, and in particular the 12th Isonzo battle, known under the name of the Battle of Kobarid.
In the past two decades the Museum contributed a great deal to the promotion of these historical events and to keeping alive the memory of the soldiers of numerous European nations who fought, strived to survive, and died on this battlefield. For its activities it was awarded the highest museum prize in Slovenia already in 1992, and in 1993 it was also awarded the Council of Europe Museum Prize.

The Walk of Peace Foundation (SLO)

During the First World War several fronts were opened between the belligerent countries in Europe. After the Italian attack on Austro-Hungary the south-west front was opened, part of which was also the Isonzo Front. The name itself indicates that it ran along the river of Isonzo (Italian name for the Soča), with the greatest part on the present territory of Slovenia. Built along the entire frontline were numerous fortifications, trenches, caves, paths and mule tracks (mulatiere), churches and chapels, field hospitals, telphers, cemeteries and many other constructions. Their remains form an important part of cultural and historical heritage today. In order to preserve this heritage as well as possible, the Slovenian Government adopted a ten-year programme in 2000, named The Soča Region – The Walks of Peace, as a national and international project. The objective of the project is to preserve, restore and present the historical and cultural heritage of the First World War in the area of the Isonzo Front for the study, tourist and educational purposes. The Ustanova »Fundacija Poti miru v Posočju« (»Walks of Peace in the Soča Region Foundation«) was founded to implement the programme. Its activity is directed towards the establishment of a Study Center of the First World War with a history library and documentation center. The two primary objectives are: to gather all the information on the Isonzo Front in one place and to preserve and restore, if necessary, the remains and more important memorials in some sections of the frontline in the Soča region.