The slovenian city Kobarid on the border to Italia is very famous because of the several conflicts which took place here in the region during the history. On the square of the small town, the flag changed 9 times in 32 years – from 1915 till 1947. In the course of the XX century, the region belonged among others also to Austria (until 1918), Italy, Yugoslavia and since 1991 to the State of Slovenia. 

The most famous Battle is the "Battle of Caporetto" which took place during the World War I between the Austro-Hungarian forces, reinforced by German units, against the Italians. This battle is very well documented in the museum in the centre of Kobarid. The museum won a Council of Europe award in 1993.

That is the place we have chosen in cooperation with the Museum and "The Walk of Peace in the Soča Region Foundation" to show the film "la frontière intérieure" within the project "Border Speaking" on 23rd of July on 20.00.