The railwaystation of the german city Ostritz is located in Poland in the middle of the fields. Similar with the Parc in Bad Muskau and the church in Gubin, this strange configuration is due to the transfer of the german-polish border after the World War II, as the river Neiße/Nysa became the official border between the two states. Until 1989 the german passengers travelling from an another german city to Ostritz had to carry their passport with them. In the railwaystation, they were controlled and escorted by militaries who leaded them from the station to the city across the small footbridge. Between 1989 and 2007, the passengers were still controlled by the police.

Since the 21. december 2007, the passengers, as well as the spectators who are expected for the public-viewing in the station, do not need a passport anymore.