Worker's House / Meeting Center IM KREML There have never exist deep gaps. Since what the former East and the recently globalized West always had in common was their almost religious doxology of LABOUR. This fact has in no way changed after their apparent unification under the capitalistic doctrine. Far from it, the battle for LABOUR has even become more and more brutal on both sides. And so their seeming unification resulted in an ever growing and unprecedented separation of the individuals concurring all day long with themselves for nothing but for LABOUR.    

This is one of the central theses that are quite controversiallly discussed by the initiatives located around the Villach Meeting Center IM KREML. And so "How do we jointly interact with ourselves?" became one of the central questions debated by e.g. kärnöl (www.kaernoel.at) or the ÖIE-Kärnten association.