Gorizia - Nova Gorica

In September 1947 a new border between Italia and Yugoslavia was established by the Paris Peace Treaty and drawn directly on the floor in one night. This separation line has not only separated persons but also the territory cutting gardens, fields, cemeteries and sometimes houses in two. In Gorizia - where Slovenes and Italians were living together during a long time - almost the entire city was given to the State of Italia, except the railway station which curiously stayed in Yugoslavia. One year later, the construction of the new town "Nova Gorica" started on the Yugoslavian side.

Nowadays the border still passes a few meters away from the entrance of the railway station of Nova Gorica. Since 2004, there are no fences anymore and since december 2007 people are allowed to cross the border on that place. The Square and the mosaic, which have been inaugurated for the entrance of Slovenia in the E.U. in 2004, has a great symbolic importance not only for both cities but also for the E.U. Many official events use to take place here. This is also one of the 7 locations which have been shooted for the film "La frontière intérieure".

The film will be shown open-air in cooperation with the members of the association Kinoatelje, who will present the short film EUforia. The museum of the Border will be open all evening for the occasion.