Bad Muskau

The "Muskauer Park" is a very famous english-style parc which has the particularity to have a part in Germany (2.1 km2) and the other one in Poland (3.5 km2). Founded and designed by the german nobleman Hermann von Pückler-Muskau on both sides of the river "Neiße, Nysa", it has been divided in two parts after the second World War and the transfer of the german-polish border. During decades, there was not any connection between the two parts. Nowadays the parc is inscribed in the World Heritage List of the UNESCO (link). One of the two bridges (the other one has been destroyed during the war and is still in ruins) allows to cross the river and to reach the next country. Until the fall of controls on 21. december 2007, this crossing point has been controlled by the police.

In the german part of the parc, the cultural center Turmvilla occupies one of the buildings near to the castel and organises a lot of events like workshops, exhibitions and conferences which are often made in cooperation with polish partners. The film will be shown in the "Kulturkeller".