Border Speaking
[French Newspaper from Berlin about Atelier Limo]
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a report of Cécilia Coulon from "La Gazette de Berlin"


[Atelier Limo on polish TV]
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[PL] TV Szczecin - 27.11.09

You will find a report about the project Border Speaking on this link (click then on Między Odrą a Renem, 27.11.09 , it starts from to 2 min on):


[Atelier Limo on Rai TV]
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[I] Rai 3  - 08.11.09 - Buongiorno Europa
Interview with  Lucio Giudiceandrea


[40 + 1 in the "Haus der Kulturen der Welt"]
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We would like to thank all the persons and participants who took part in the screening+discussion yesterday 18.11 in the "Haus der Kulturen der Welt" and especially Pr. Dr. Karl Schlögel and Stefan Felsberg for the debates after the viewing as well as Carolin Berendts and Cordula Hamschmidt for the wonderful organisation. About 270 persons were present at the event. We are looking forward to see you again in the next screenings.

[Final Destination and additional presentation in Berlin]
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On 20th October, the project “Border Speaking” has reached its final destination on the beach of Ahlbeck – Świnoujście, on the German-Polish border. During 3 months, from the Adriatic to the Baltic Sea, more than 2000 persons from 8 different countries attended one of the 40 screenings of the documentary « La frontière intérieure » and shared their impressions and experiences.

For those who could not participate in the event on the border, the 40+1st  projection will be organized in Berlin on 18th November at 7 p.m. in the « Haus der Kulturen der Welt » (www.hkw.de). After the film a discussion will be introduced by the historian Pr. Dr. Karl Schlögel to conclude the event “Border Speaking”.

[report 9]
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[D] Ostseezeitung - 23.10.2009 - Last projection on the Baltic Sea

[PL-D] Baltic portal  - 02.11.2009 - www.baltic.portal.pl

Link of the article about Border Speaking in polish here

Link of the article in german here

[Report 8]
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[D-PL] Radio Funkhaus Europa PL

Listen to the radio programme about Border Speaking in Kostrzyn with a click on this link

[D] Märkische Oderzeitung - 17./18.10.2009

[report 7]
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[PL]  - Gazeta Chojeńska - 13.10.09

[PL]  - Głos Szczeciński - 12.10.09

[report 6]
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[D] Lausitzer Rundschau - 01.10.09

[D] Sächsische Zeitung - regional newspaper from Saxony - 14.09.09

 [D] Der Neue Tag - regional newspaper from Bavaria - 21.09.09

 [D] Mittelbayerische Zeitung - regional newspaper from Bavaria - 12.09.09

[D] Mittelbayerische Zeitung - regional newspaper from Bavaria - 10.09.09

[report 5]
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[D] Passauer Neue Presse - regional newspaper from Bavaria

[D/F] interview of atelier limo on the international radio channel "Deutsche Welle" (in French) - from 8 min 30s: http://rss.dw-world.de/xml/podcast_carrefour_europe

[report 4]
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SIEBENTAGE -  Kleine Zeitung [A]

[report 3]
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[D] Interview on Radio France International (in german): http://www.rfi.fr/actude/articles/116/article_1748.asp

[report 2 ]
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articles about the project:

[D/FR] Le petit journal : www.lepetitjournal.com/content/view/43780/1032/ 

[FR/ESP/PL/ EN/D/IT] Café Babel :  www.cafebabel.com/fre/article/30838/frontiere-interieure-documentaire-rideau-de-fer.html

[D/FR] Plan d'éxil/ Exilplan :  http://exilplan-marseille.blogspot.com/2009/08/border-speaking.html

[H] Newspaper Vas Népe :  www.vasnepe.hu/fooldal/20090821_francia_film_a_vasfuggonyrol

[SLO] : www.lto-sotocje.si/tzgp/vec.asp?id=2173

[SLO] : www.alpskival.net/11/o/2030

[report 1]
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Das Wanderprojekt hat am 20. Juli in Koper an der italienisch-slowenischen Grenze angefangen und wird bis dem 20. Oktober bis zur Ostsee reisen. Bereits haben acht Vorführungen in sehr verschiedenen Orten stattgefunden (u.a. in einer ehemaligen Markthalle an der Adria, in einer Musikschule, in einem Museum des ersten Weltkrieges, auf einem grenzübreschreitenden Platz, in einem Kulturzentrum und in einem Schloß). 
Wir dürften in Nova Gorica / Gorizia bis zu 250 Zuschauer begrüßen! Wir haben bei jeder Vorführung sehr interessante Diskussionen und Fragestellungen angeschnitten und ein bißchen Bildmaterial und Interviews gesammelt. Die Seiten unseres „Gästebuchs“, in dem die Zuschauer ihre Reaktionen schreiben können, werden bei jeder Vorführung gefüllt.
Das Wanderprojekt hat gestern nach einer dreiwöchigen Pause an der ungarischen Grenze im Museum des Eisernern Vorhangs in Felsőcsatár wieder angefangen. Die nächsten Termine und Vorführungsorte finden Sie auf unserer Webseite.
Wir freuen uns sehr darauf, Sie bald bei einer Vorführung an der Grenze begrüßen zu dürfen.



The public viewings have started on 20 of july in Koper on the italian-slovenian border and will come to an end on the 20th of october with a drink on the shore of the Baltic sea. We've had so far eight public viewings in some very particular locations such as a former salt storehouse, a music school, the First World War museum of Kobarid, a transnational square between Italy and Slovenia, a Slovene culture house in Austria, or the local headquarters of the communist paty in Villach.

250 persons turned up in Nova Gorica / Gorizia. During these film presentations we enjoyed very different and interesting discussions. Apart from photographically documenting the events we also managed to interview some of our partners and gathered other reactions on our „Gestbook“ .

After a 3 weeks break we went on with the display of our work on the Hungarian-Austrian border in the iron curtain museum of Felsőcsatár. Our website contains all the informations about the forthcoming viewings, we would be happy to meet you there!


Following are some articles and links about the project:


[Start of Border Speaking in Koper - Capodistria]
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The itinerant project "Border Speaking" starts on Monday 20th of July with the first projection in Koper-Capodistria on the Adriatic Sea. 39 others projections are planned until 20th October with the last one on the Baltic Sea. The public viewing is free. We are looking forward to meet you there.

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Welcome on this new website elaborated by atelier Limo and its webmaster KNet Solutions. You will find here all information concerning the event "Border Speaking", the itinerant  public-viewing of a documentary film travelling along the former Schengen-border from the Adriatic to the Baltic Sea.